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Amtrak Thruway Connector Establishes First Rail Link to Transbay

Amtrak service has moved to the Transbay Temporary Terminal, establishing the first rail connection at the future Transbay Transit Center. The addition of Amtrak Thruway connector bus service foreshadows the Transbay Transit Center’s eventual status as the northern terminus for California High-Speed Rail and Caltrain.

Amtrak Thruway’s move to the Temporary Terminal brings Amtrak train riders conveniently into the heart of downtown San Francisco and drops them off just steps away from the wide range of regional transit services that already operate at the Terminal, including SF Muni, AC Transit, SamTrans, Golden Gate Transit, WestCAT Lynx, Greyhound, and SF Paratransit.

“The Transbay Transit Center project creates a safe, seamless, sustainable transportation network for Bay Area residents and travelers statewide,” said Transbay Joint Powers Authority Executive Director Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan. “We look forward to the day when travelers can ride from Sacramento to San Diego through our Transit Center.”

Amtrak Thruway will operate at the Temporary Terminal until the new Transbay Transit Center is finished in late 2017, at which point Amtrak service is expected to migrate to the new facility. Also known as the “Grand Central Station of the West,” the new Transit Center will serve as the hub for 11 transit agencies including California High-Speed Rail and Caltrain.

While the Amtrak Thruway connector to the Temporary Terminal serves as Transbay’s first rail connection via bus link, the finished Transit Center includes a train platform level and will bring High-Speed Rail and Caltrain trains into the building itself, allowing travelers to easily transfer to other services without ever leaving the premises.

Currently, the Temporary Terminal serves passengers connecting to and from Amtrak’s San Joaquin, Capitol Corridor, Coast Starlight, and California Zephyr rail lines as well as Amtrak passengers arriving by Thruway bus from southern California. Amtrak shares Greyhound’s ticketing and passenger amenity facility at the southern end of the Temporary Terminal (near Folsom Street between Main and Beale Street). Amtrak service from the Temporary Terminal will run frequently between 6:00 a.m. and 10:50 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

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